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Wish list by Mark Albrecht



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Low
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Component/s: Core
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      1. Calendar - Auto refresh page.
      2. Contacts - Search any field in contacts - At the moment phone numbers can not be searched. - Completed already see comments - future release
      3. Calendar - Links to this calendar - A solution like Sogo which has public and authenticated user links for CalDAV URL, WebDAV ICS URL and WebDAV XML URL .
      4. Calendar - Search results - Show all results if search field left blank on search request with a date range selector or add an Agenda view with a date range selector.  - Completed already see comments - future release
      5. Emails - Convert an Email to an Event.
      6. Emails - Convert an Email to a Task.
      7. Emails - Email delegation.
      8. Emails - Manual check new emails now button - Not required as per comments
      9. Emails - Incoming rules - allow forwarding of emails to external email address (internal addresses work).
      10. Emails - Allow external imap accounts.  - Completed already see comments - future release
      11. Emails - Option to auto add unknown contacts to address book when replying to unknown email address.   A check box in the email settings "Prompt to add unknown email address to address book on replying to email" if checked then form fill the email address in a new contact form after sending reply emails of unknown email addresses.  - Completed 6-5-2019 - future release
      12. Emails - Digital signed email option.
      13. Emails - Encrypt email option.
      14. Calendar - Calendar color - Full colour pallet for Calendar color selection like Mails “Today message color” selector.
      15. Calendar - Event Description - Dynamically expanding text window to use available window space if required.
      16. Calendar - Day, Week (5 day) and Week view - Ability to manually expand the scale of the time slots (to zoom in or out).
      17. Calendar - Permissions - Add Public and Authenticated User permissions.
      18. Core - Right click option on Home, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks or Cloud buttons to allow open in new tab.
      19. Core - Ability to change Favicon, Heading, Title, Page loading icon etc
      20. Calendar - Events shown in the day, week (5 days) and the week views can sometimes be hidden when there is a few events at the sametime.  This happens sometimes and other times it does not.  Can the Calendar be optimised to try to show events beside one another always?
      21. Core - Custom link buttons in launcher - Add ACL for links for users and groups
      22. Core - Admin Login - Editor for Language translation




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